Sylvan Essences

Janet Seltman : Pittsburgh, PA

Unity in Motion

Unity in Motion teaches us to live in balance inside of the forces of gravity and expansion. Through the movement practice, developed by Cristiam Nebadon, all or our energy centers (chakras) open and expand simultaneously. We gain the strength, support, and insight to align with the inner and outer changes that are happening as we transition into the new consciousness.

Through seemingly simple, yet quite precise movements, we open to universal balance, to the spherical nature of our being, aligning and balancing our minds, bodies, and energy fields. Our spines, our thoughts, our actions, all aspects of ourselves become more flexible.

Unity in Motion is also a form of bodywork and energy work.

Unity in Motion inspired and informed The New Consciousness Essences. The essences can be used to enhance and stabilize the movements and the states of mind created by the Unity In Motion practice.

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