Sylvan Essences

Janet Seltman : Pittsburgh, PA


Mantra meditation is a simple, calming and centering practice that decreases stress and increases what Herbert Benson, MD calls the Relaxation Response. Meditation is revitalizing, acting to clear the clutter in our heads.

Mantra meditation, guided meditation, and moving meditation are some ways to calm ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. For the moments that we meditate, we remove ourselves from the chaos of the outside world in order to remember who we really are. We rejuvenate.

Want to learn to meditate?

Free Mantra Meditation classes
Wednesdays, 5:30-6:15 pm

Sponsored by Metro Community Health Center
Led by Janet Seltman
1789 South Braddock Avenue, Suite 401
(In the professional building in Edgewood Town Center)

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