Sylvan Essences

Janet Seltman : Pittsburgh, PA

New Consciousness Sustaining Essences

These three essences are about grounding ourselves—body, mind, and spirit, as we explore what it means to live in the new emerging paradigm. These essences invite us to be who we are truly meant to be, stabilizing us as we hold the new consciousness.

(set of 3 one ounce bottles)

Please email me at if you would like to arrange a different payment option.

I Own my Power

(Partridge Pea, Coltsfoot, Water Lily, Striped Squill, Solomon’s Seal)

      • Grounding and strength circulate through physical body
      • Settled feeling of owning and appreciating personal uniqueness
      • Promotes sense of purpose, focus, and capability

I Embrace my Soul

(Water Lily, Yellow Iris, Giving Voice, Cowlily, Compassion, Whole-hearted healing)

      • Expands heart and grounds body
      • Allows the heart to have a louder voice than the mind
      • Facilitates conscious living
      • Enables one to be peaceful, soft, and flexible
      • Seeing out from deep sense of inner self, aware of soul inside of self

I Know my Place on the Planet

(Striped Squill, Partridge Pea, Purple Loosestrife)

      • Grounds and opens root chakra
      • Enlivens legs and feet; excites heart; strengthens central core
      • Body becomes a conduit between earth and sky
      • At home in self, mind quiets and resonates with soul
      • Invites sense of belonging

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