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Janet Seltman : Pittsburgh, PA

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a simple, practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement. By connecting thought and movement, balance, flexibility, and coordination can increase.

Alexander Technique is sometimes called a pre-technique since it is useful to support both everyday and highly specialized activities. Musicians, dancers, actors, and sports people have used the technique effectively. Anyone who does repetitive movement can find ease from tension.

F.M. Alexander developed his process at the turn of the twentieth century. As a professional orator, he was motivated to change because he repeatedly lost his voice when he spoke. When doctors didn’t have solutions to his problem, he explored how he was “using” himself. First, he became aware of his movement habits. Then he discovered ways to stop those habits and to do something else, something more constructive. This resulted in his technique. Through it, he (and we), learn to change movement habits.

Alexander’s technique makes new connections between body and mind. How we think about something and how we do it actually, literally, matter. His process is taught verbally and kinesthetically, through hands-on experience.

For more information about the Alexander Technique:

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