Sylvan Essences

Janet Seltman : Pittsburgh, PA

(412) 731-3480

Welcome to Sylvan Essences

Living our lives in balance is perhaps the biggest challenge that we face in this fast-paced 21st century. How do we stay connected to our innate wholeness and health, how do we balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, as we face the stresses of our lives?

The goal of Sylvan Essences is to facilitate wellbeing. Through the use of many modalities, you are supported and empowered to live your life fully.

Flower Essences

Support life changes through vibrational healing to gain emotional stability, mental clarity, and physical balance.

Alexander Technique

Prevent unnecessary physical stress that restricts your capabilities, use your body more gracefully, and improve and maintain good health.

Unity in Motion

Expand self awareness and knowledge of the many dimensions of your self through simple, easy physical movement.


Learn to quiet yourself and de-stress.

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