Sylvan Essences

Janet Seltman : Pittsburgh, PA

4 Seasons of Sycamore

The Sycamore essences hold information that helps us to transition more gently through the blessings and challenges of the seasons. They aid in creating balance inside of the cycles that we’re experiencing. Sycamore eases our feelings of overwhelm and lack of control.

Our collective relationship to Nature is changing. We are recognizing that we are collaborating and co-creating with her. We are increasingly aware of the shifts that are happening on the planet such as climate change, fracking, and pollution and the shifts in ourselves such as immune challenges, stress, and chemical sensitivities. As we search for new ways to balance with Nature, Sycamore gives us clues.

These are process essences which move us forward evolutionarily. Sycamore brings us the gift of harmoniously shifting our relationship to Nature and to ourselves, aligning with positive shifts in global consciousness.

These four Sycamore essences were made at each of the equinoxes and solstices. They help us to balance as the seasons change allowing us to grow through the transitions instead of being overwhelmed by them.

Sycamore (Spring Equinox)

sycamore best

      • Enables grounded flexibility
      • Encourages trust of our essential being
      • Helps maintain dignity and resilience through difficult times
      • Rebalances weight through legs and spine
      • Shifts our foundations and restructures us more fluidly

Sycamore (Summer Solstice)

summer sycamore

      • Supports action from our unique natures and purposes
      • Reminds us to act fearlessly, empowered, vibrant and joyful
      • Invites collaboration, especially with Nature
      • Acts as a balancer for people, the planet and Nature, depolarizing and uniting dualities
      • Promotes flowing movement, expanding through upper chakras

Sycamore (Fall Equinox)


      • Provides steadying, fearless sturdiness to endure changes, including aging
      • Supports a more viable way of being on the earth, in collaboration with Nature, as we live more fully in our own, unique vibrations
      • Encourages creativity through the use of clear language, informed by our hearts and purposes
      • Reminds us that being is more important than doing
      • Connects heart and third eye

Sycamore (Winter Soltice)


      • Reminds us to live from a larger perspective, seeing the whole picture and recognizing the effects of our actions
      • Supports recognition of basics, getting to the bones of what life is about
      • Encourages prioritizing and reassessing, by releasing what no longer serves and keeping what aligns with our greater purposes
      • Invites a calm awareness of whole spine and an opening of heart/soul seat (sternum)

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