Sylvan Essences

Janet Seltman : Pittsburgh, PA

New Consciousness Creating Essences

We are in the midst of a great transformation. The new consciousness that we are entering is palpable, yet sustaining new ways can be challenging. These essences support this transition. We are becoming the community that is needed to raise our human vibration to a higher level. We are ready to emerge from the lower vibrations of fear and hate into a paradigm of love and light that acknowledges the unique role that each of us has to play in the world. We are ready to emerge from our sense of doing it alone, ready to acknowledge that we are supported by nature, by guides seen and unseen, by the flowers themselves, as well as by each other.

(set of 6 one ounce bottles)

Please email me at if you would like to arrange a different payment option.

I Expand from my Core

(Coltsfoot, Cowlily, Garlic Mustard, Solomon’s Seal)

      • Soul expands through energy centers
      • Energy moves internally to allow physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integrity
      • Supports ‘standing tall’ in the power of all chakras in any situation

I Open my Heart

(Yellow Iris, Coltsfoot, Squawroot, Purple Loosestrife, Being Light, Ginkgo)

      • Alignment in the fullness of unconditional love
      • Opens possibilities, free from judgment, in the flow of love

I Live in Peace

(American Lotus, Fanwort, Garlic Mustard, Witch Hazel)

      • Calms and grounds lower chakras and legs
      • Steps on your path become a way to share the vibration of peace

I Share my Wisdom

(Skunk Cabbage, Giving Voice, Cowlily, Solomon’s Seal, False Solomon’s Seal, Viburnum)

      • Opens chakras from throat to third eye
      • Heightens ability to share knowledge

I Radiate Beauty

(Water Lily, Whole-hearted Healing, Trillium, Pickerelweed, May-apple)

      • Expands from solar plexus
      • Allows recognition of unique beauty in self and others

I Hold the New Consciousness

(Striped Squill)

      • Sustains the New Consciousness
      • Opens from thoracic vertebrae up through crown
      • Heightens ability to hold a higher vibration of light
      • Moves intention into action easily and gracefully
      • Aligns with soul’s purpose

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